About Us

Who We Are

Legalintro was founded by a team of lawyers with decades of experience in the UAE and GCC who recognised the vital need for greater accessibility to top-quality legal resources. Our dynamic, customer-orientated approach is designed to take the hassle out of hiring expert help and provide you with professional assistance that gives you the best value for your money.

Our Vision

Legalintro was founded to provide a user friendly marketplace that would connect individuals, companies and business owners with high-quality law firms and expert support service providers. Whatever your needs, from visa issues to arbitration negotiations, debt collection to legal document creation, we connect you with the right resource, to give you the right help, right when you need it.

Our Mission


Each of the top-quality lawyers we partner with has been independently verified and has a proven track record of expertise. Collectively, our selection provides a range of specialisms across multiple practice areas to accommodate your needs. Quality, quick turnaround time and quick responsiveness to client queries are among our main selection criteria.


We are dedicated to providing clarity and transparency to our customers. Before joining our platform, each lawyer completes a comprehensive profile with detailed practice and background information. Users will be able to review such profiles along with the lawyers’ proposals, and schedule free calls with the lawyers to get more information about the lawyers and the proposals with no obligation before they hire the lawyers.

Value for Money

We provide a best price guarantee. Our network and experience allows us to offer exclusive discounts and a range of price proposals for your requirements. This means that you will always get the greatest value for your money, at a lower cost to suit your budget.


We improve turnaround time and convenience by facilitating online interaction and reducing the need for physical meetings. For legal or support services assistance, our centralised online system will select the most relevant lawyer or expert and you automatically receive a selection of fixed price proposals or quotes from which you can choose the one that suits you best.


Your information is strictly confidential and private, and is covered by our Privacy Policy. Our platform is built to keep the lawyer-client relationship private and your transactions protected by our secure payment processes.